Why did you guys start this tour?

We want to build an augmented community to support dying villages with ageing population in Japan.

We also see trend of younger generation seeking better life quality and alternative lifestyle. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the wonders and beauty of art and culture in rural Japan.

Will I interrupt villagers’ life?

As long as you observe those etiquettes we have previously advised, all villagers are more than happy to have you in the village and tea with you!

How would my visit help the village given I am not part of the village?

We know you will find the hospitality, tranquility, and beauty of the village unforgettable. So you are welcome to spread the words and even revisit the village again! Hence, you are supporting the village by being part of its augmented community!

We will work with some villagers when preparing for the tour. For example, they will help preparing meals and offer classes on crafts which they will get paid. You are also welcome to buy their beautiful handcrafts as souvenirs.

Are neighbours too old to work?

Indeed, quite a number of neighbours are quite pretty senior.

Most grannies (you may address them as obasan) and grandpas (ojisan) are still living a very active life like farming, collecting wild veggies for cooking, preserving food, making crafts etc. This is an essential part of their life and they enjoy it a lot as well.

You will be amazed by how energetic and cheerful they are!