An artist-built Rwandan Traditional House, Kigali

Be the culture. Own the travel. Create the art. Taste the beauty.

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Art Around !

  • Offers and executes alternative travel ideas for individuals and organisations
  • Shares alternative and creative travel ideas with a focus on art and culture
  • Connects organisations and people to develop adventurous and fun tours
  • Offers support to art organisations on ideation, planning, administration, marketing, financial modelling etc for organising tours
  • Runs tours that offer insight of local art, culture, and alternative living experience
  • Sells art, craft, and designer items from around the world though with a focus on East Africa.

Welcome Collaborators!

We love fun. We love collaborations. We love executions.

We would like to work with like-minded people who

  • like alternative travels
  • are into art and cultural activities
  • want to build communities of art and cultural audiences
  • are makers
  • are inspiring and innovative!

Of course, we are also opens to all kinds of collaborations! In touch if you have any exciting projects/ brain children in your minds to share with us, here.


Yan at Abuna Yemata Guh church in north Ethiopia

Yan is from Hong Kong. She was a banker previously based in London and Nairobi. Along the way, she has been hopping around over 20 countries. Inspired by entrepreneurial Kenyans, she decided to take a sabbatical year from mid -2016 to pursue art and explore possibilities of career. Then she decided to start her own venture in 2018. Ultimately, she wants to build a sustainable and forward-looking business which combines her love for art and adventures as well as less privileged communities in East Africa.

With Art Around !, she is now fully committed to organizing tours in Asia and East Africa for like-minded travelers. Each experience is unique and carefully designed with the intention of letting freedom, creativity and exploration guide the journey.

Yan also paints so she is a maker too.

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Photo is Yan in the Abuna Yemata Guh Church holding a thousand-year-old bible made of sheep skin. The smell of the book really proves its age!

Photo is an artist-built Rwandan Traditional House in Kigali.

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