Art Around !, Hong Kong-based independent art organization, and Yamakiwa Art Hotel, a Japan-based art gallery and hotel, invite you to join us at our Activity Room to experiment in art. We will collaborate and put up an exhibition/ event/ workshop together. We are a budding independent art organization and committed to bringing art closer to the community.

Our Activity Room is a multifunctional space that facilitates exchange between artist, audiences, and artwork. Audiences will be welcome to chill in the space as we will serve tea. We create an intimate atmosphere so they feel free to express their thoughts on the artwork. So everyone can experience and ponder over different praxis ranges from values, lifestyles and views.

As a part of the activities, the space runs a residency programme for overseas artists and curators to support their research and project running. We collaborate with other institutions in Hong Kong to create opportunities for networking and encourage the development of their projects.

We welcome artists with different backgrounds and credentials. We are particularly excited if you have a vision to realise and an urge to tell a story. Just apply and tell us about you and your project(s!)!

Residency Programme Summary

Residency period: All year round
Focus area: Contemporary Art, all medium
Duration: 2 weeks – 3 months
Location: (Please refer to photos and video attached.) Cheung Chau. A residential flat with studio space and a 700-square-feet open air terrace overlooking the sea
Facilities: Accommodation, Studio and Exhibition/ event space
Attachment: Application Form, Floor Plan and Photos

Application Form

Photos of Space

Floor Plan

Application Guidelines

1. We are looking to receive applications of individual artist or 2 artists working in collaboration.
2. There are no restrictions on themes, formats or medium as long as the proposal fits the settings of our apartment.
3. Resident artists are expected to take part in collaborative events for the local participants, organised by Art Around ! once a month or more. The details can be discussed.
4. The space situates in a residential area. So the work displayed/ experience presented in our space could not produce extraordinarily loud noise or be constantly noisy.
5. If you are selected for the interview, you will be notified within 1-2 weeks.
6. For the interview, you will need access to the equipment necessary to participate in a remote interview (i.e. a computer capable of connecting to the internet and using Skype/ Whatsapp/ Messenger).
7. You need to leave the space the way you found it.
8. All the work needs to be removed. No storage after the residency will be provided.

Application Process

1. Application Form (Work plan, time table during the residency, space plan)
2. Notification of Interviews – 1-2 weeks after the application
3. Screening process – Interviews
4. Announcement – 1-2 weeks after the application

What we will prepare/ provide

– Accommodation
– Studio space with basic equipment
– Exhibition and event space
– Support for research and organising events
– PR and Marketing
– Sales: We welcome artists to sell their work during the exhibition/ events. Art Around ! will take 50% of the revenue from any sales made during the exhibition/ events.

What artists will cover/ provide

– Accommodation and studio fee (HKD 4000/month for 1 artist; HKD 6000/month for 2 artists sharing 1 room)
– Production fee
– Transports and equipment. We may be able to offer assistance.
– A list of artworks and their marked price if applicable.


– Exhibition hours can be discussed. This is the current arrangement. Since the Activity Room is also a residency, it will be open to the public every Sunday. The public can still get access to Activity Room throughout the week by appointment.
– Actual arrangement is negotiable.

About Art Around !

• Playful
• Be ‘on the side of the egg’

Make contemporary art approachable to everyone.

We devote ourselves to making art engaging and exciting! We will talk about art in plain language and bridge audiences, artwork and artists through shared space and stories.

Travel Experience – a tour where guests will immerse themselves in art and traditional rural Japanese village in Kamiebiike. So they can explore a different kind of lifestyle and values.

Activity Room – a multifunctional space that facilitates exchange between artist, audiences, and artwork. Audiences will enjoy a comfortable and intimate space to find their own connections and voices with art.

Marketplace – a shop that sells original handmade products of local communities from East Africa and Kamiebiike Village in Japan as well as crafts and designs from local designers or artists. So we can introduce different cultures to audiences.

East African Art – a genre of contemporary art that we are passionate about and share information on.

The Team

Wai Yan Chung
Yan is the founder and director of Art Around ! from 2017. After quitting her banker’s life in London and Nairobi, as inspired by the Kenyan entrepreneurial spirit, she started Art Around ! to bring art and culture closer to everyone and share her passion over East African art.

During her sabbatical year, Yan has spent 5 months in Taiwan traveling and studying sculptures at NTUA and is now working on her drawing and Chinese painting skills. Yan enjoys hiking and yoga. Though she looks very small, Yan eats like a teenager.

Mobile/ Whatsapp: +852 5622 0075

Yuri Fukushima
Yuri is the founder and director of Yamakiwa Art Hotel in Kamiebiike Village from 2014. She devoted herself and her gallery as a bridge between artists and audiences. She has received training as an artist from Slade School of Fine Art at University College London. She has been collaborating with local and international artists and institutions on residencies, exhibitions and public programmes globally and at Yamakiwa Gallery.
She is co-running Kamiebiike Tour and Activity Room with Yan.

After a long hot day of work, she wouldn’t shy away from a can of cool beer and a lively tête-à-tête.


Contact Us

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Yan on phone or Whatsapp at +852 56220075 or by email

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