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19 Jan 2020 @ Cheung Chau [Open!]

17 Jan 2020 @ Wanchai YogArt [Open!] After Party!

12 Jan 2020 [SOLD OUT]

15 Dec 2019 [SOLD OUT]

Mindful YogArt Retreat  20 Oct 2019 [SOLD OUT]

YogArt + Drink Retreat 13 Oct 2019 [SOLD OUT]

YogArt + Drink Retreat 6 Oct 2019 [SOLD OUT]

YogArt + Drink Retreat 29 Sept 2019 [SOLD OUT]

YogArt + Drink Retreat 15 Sept 2019 [SOLD OUT] 

Team 團隊

We will also feature different teachers or artists in different events!

Yan x Art Around ! is a certified Yoga instructor. She received RYT200 training under the instruction of Rinat Perlman and the founding teacher of Pure Yoga Hong Kong Patrick Creelman. She feels yoga is a very useful and healthy medium for people to increase their self-awareness and align mind and body. She is very excited to share her practice with you!

Yan x Art Around ! 是瑜珈老師。在Rinat Perlman和Pure Yoga Hong Kong創始瑜珈老師Patrick Creelman的指導下接受了瑜珈老師RYT200小時的訓練。她認為瑜伽是一種非常有用和健康的方法讓人提高自我意識,協調身心。她很高興與您分享她的練習!

Venue 地點

YogArt Retreat will take place at the Activity Room in Cheung Chau. It’s just 5-min walk from a very beautiful beach. Cheung Chau is an outlying island in Hong Kong which is full of nature, fun, and culture. You can explore Cheung Chau before or after the Retreat!

YogArt將在長洲的Activity Room舉行,步行5分鐘就到美麗的海灘。長洲是香港的一個離島,這裏有滿滿的自然、樂趣和文化。您可以在Retreat之前或之後探索長洲!

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Refund Policy 退款政策

If we cancel the event due to unexpected circumstances, we will provide 100% refund. Otherwise, under no other circumstances, refund will not be available after payments. Thank you for your understanding.


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