Art Around ! invites you to join us at our Activity Room to experiment in art.

Exhibition period: August 2019
Focus area: Contemporary Art, all medium
Space: Art Around ! Activity Room, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. Living room with an under-stair room and a 700-square-feet open air terrace overlooking the sea
Application Deadline: 27 July 2019

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Photos of Space

Floor Plan

Art Around !, Hong Kong based independent art organization, invites you to join us at our Activity Room to experiment in art. We will collaborate and put up an exhibition/ event/ workshop together. We are a budding independent art organization and committed to bringing art closer to the community.

Our Activity Room is a multifunctional space that facilitates exchange between artist, audiences, and artwork. Audiences will be welcome to chill in the space as we will serve tea. We create an intimate atmosphere so they feel free to express their thoughts on the artwork. So everyone can experience and ponder over different praxis ranges from values, lifestyles and views.

We welcome artists with different backgrounds and credentials. We are particularly excited if you have a vision to realise and an urge to tell a story. Just apply and tell us about you and your project(s!)!

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